Whether you just want to have fun with your dog, or train to competition level we can assist you. We train all breeds and all standards from the age of 12 calendar months. Our classes are for complete beginners up to advanced competition level.


Training takes place on Wednesday evenings from 19:45.

19:45 – Beginners

20:30 – Intermediates

21:15 – Competition Class


Nelson Park Riding Centre, St Margaret’s Road, Woodchurch, Birchington, CT7 0HJ

Our Trainers

Diane Taylor, Agility Team Leader, A.C.A.I. (Agility Club Approved Instructor)
Kevin Avery, A.C.A.I.
Sue Newing, A.C.B.I
Debbie Mangles, A.C.A.I.

Club Info

We are a small, friendly club and all our instructors give their time freely. Please be considerate of their time. Members working in the first class are asked to arrive by 19:20 to help set up the equipment. The last class are also asked to help put the equipment away. Getting involved in this way will help you to quickly make friends!


Introductory courses are held when space permits. Please email or telephone to check availability and cost.

Annual Membership is £10(single) and £15 (joint 1), due on 1st October – reducing each quarter.

1 Please note that joint membership is for two people living at the same address

More Information

For more information regarding Agility, please contact Diane

Telephone: 01843 580892