Professional Training

It is the aim of the club to provide friendly, helpful and knowledgeable instructors to help the owners to train their dogs to be obedient, well balanced dogs that will fit favourably into society.

About Us

You are warmly invited to come along any Obedience on Monday evenings or Agility, Friday afternoons, to see how we instruct. If you are happy with our friendly atmosphere and the way we teach, you and your dog will be relaxed, happy and ready to learn. We teach you to train your dog using positive re-enforcing methods, whether it’s a treat, toy or simply a pat on the head. Motivation is the key to unlocking your dog’s potential.

We are a Dog Training Club not a business. Our instructors give their time freely, being driven purely by a passion to help dogs and give their owners a better understanding of their dog’s needs. All are committed to continue their professional development in an attempt to stay up to date with all dog training methods.

Club History

In 1988 a group of obedience enthusiasts came together to practice Agility at Greenhill, Herne Bay and called themselves Herne Bay Agility Club. Bert and Val Weibel, who had retired from Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society, were the founder members and driving force behind the club. Some time later they heard a local obedience club was about to close and agreed to take it over.

In 1989 the club, now having two sections, was renamed Swalecliffe and District Dog Training Society and registered with The Kennel Club. Each section supports the other, with an active committee running the whole.

The club has grown over the years and continues to train dogs of all breeds in Obedience and Agility. We are predominately a “pet dog club” for people and dogs of all ages and ability. Many dogs are referred to us by local vets, re-homing centres and boarding kennels.

Thanks must go to Val and Bert Weibel (who are sadly no longer with us) for their foresight and to all instructors, past, present and future, for their time and commitment, given freely, on making the club what it is today.